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CPCB finds Ashwini Khad in Shimla most polluted river in Himachal Pradesh, panel set up

Hindustan Times 05 Dec 2023
Besides Ashwini Khad in Shimla, the board found the Bald in Baddi, Giri in Sirmaur, Markanda in Sirmaur, Pabbar in Rohru, Ratta in Nalagarh, Shikari Khad in Rohru, Sarsa in Nalagarh, and Sukhna Khad in Parwanoo highly polluted, posing a risk to the aquatic ecosystems, wildlife and health of communities relying on these water sources.

Wildfires have offset 20 years of air quality gains in US West: study

The Hill 05 Dec 2023
From 2000 through 2020, air pollution has deteriorated in this part of the country due to ... These conditions are “exacerbating air pollution and heightening the risks of both morbidity and mortality,” added Wei, who is now assistant research scientist at the University of Maryland,.

Research shows that wildfires have erased two decades' worth of air quality gains in western ...

Phys Dot Org 05 Dec 2023
counteract or even overshadow the reduction in anthropogenic emissions, exacerbating air pollution and heightening the risks of both morbidity and mortality," says Wei, now assistant research scientist at the University of Maryland's Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center.

District of North Vancouver Halloween fireworks permit revenue a whimper, not a bang

North Shore News 05 Dec 2023
District of North Vancouver (DNV) sold 198 permits for fireworks displays last Halloween. . A list obtained under the freedom of information law shows that the total declared value under all permits issued was $50,786.76.  ... on Oct ... A staff report cited air pollution, residential fires, risk of wildfires, and noise and injury to humans ... .

UAE: Fossil Fuels Poison Air

Human Rights Watch 04 Dec 2023
Those in the UAE wanting to report on, or speak out about, the risks of fossil fuel expansion and its links to air pollution face risks of unlawful surveillance, arrest, detention, and ill-treatment ... The government is failing to adequately monitor and address high pollution levels and protect populations most at risk.

Air pollution is dirty secret in UAE, says rights group

The Observer 04 Dec 2023
The United Arab Emirates’ vast fossil fuel production is contributing to dangerously high air pollution levels, creating health risks for its people and migrant workers in addition to heating the planet, according to a report by Human Rights Watch.

“You Can Smell Petrol in the Air”

Human Rights Watch 04 Dec 2023
A medical researcher who studies air pollution risks in the Gulf region told Human Rights Watch that “policymakers love to say that is linked to dust.” ... The UAE continues to expand fossil fuel operations, undermining its own objectives to reduce pollution and risking retrogression of the realization of the right to health.

COP28 host UAE choking from its own 'toxic' air pollution: HRW

Paulding Progress 04 Dec 2023
Air pollution is a "dirty secret" buried by a stifling of dissent in the UAE, the rights group said, adding that bad air created poses "major health risks" for its population ... WHO estimates point to about 1,872 deaths a year from outdoor air pollution in the UAE, the report said, ...

Prolonged exposure to air pollution, smog can lead to 'lung cancer'

Urdu Point 04 Dec 2023
ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 4th Dec, 2023) Breathing in toxic air filled with pollution and smog can cause lung cancer besides asthma, a health expert said on Monday, urging citizens to adopt lifestyle measures to protect lung health and reduce the risks of lung cancer.

HRW: Fossil fuels driving air pollution in UAE, host of COP28

La Prensa Latina 04 Dec 2023
While the UAE government positions itself as a global leader on climate and health issues, “the alarmingly high air pollution levels” pose major health risks for its citizens and contribute to the global climate crisis, the rights group said ... objectives to reduce high air pollution levels,” the rights group said.

Cooking Christmas dinner? Open the windows! Indoor pollution in homes is higher on Christmas Day...

The Daily Mail 04 Dec 2023
Cooking Christmas dinner could require opening a window, as evidence suggests it drives indoor pollution to the highest point of the year ... Researchers in the US analysed indoor pollution levels for almost 4,000 households ... Evidence has linked this kind of pollution to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and respiratory illnesses.

US targets oil and natural gas industry’s role in global warming with new rule on methane emissions

Ogden Standard Examiner 04 Dec 2023
The Environmental Protection Agency said the rule will sharply reduce methane and other harmful air pollutants generated by the oil and gas industry, promote use of cutting-edge methane detection technologies and deliver significant public health benefits in the form of reduced hospital visits, lost school days and even deaths.

Tackling climate change can improve public health in Africa: New report highlights how

Phys Dot Org 04 Dec 2023
It builds on strong evidence that air pollution is a leading health risk; that the causes of air pollution strongly overlap with those of climate change; and that there are readily available policies and measures that simultaneously benefit each issue ... Air pollution is causing premature deaths ... Air pollution particularly affects children.

Al Gore says fossil fuel industry has 'captured the COP process'

Raw Story 04 Dec 2023
A Human Rights Watch report published Monday notes that the UAE's "dangerously high air pollution levels" are "creating major health risks for its citizens and residents." Pointing to World Health Organization estimates, the group observed that more than 1,800 people die from air pollution every year in the UAE.

UAE’s fossil fuel sector harmful to people’s health, says Human Rights Watch

Mail Guardian South Africa 04 Dec 2023
“Air pollution is a severe threat to public health in the UAE ... “The ministry of health and prevention is directed to educate healthcare providers on the health risks associated with air pollution and to ensure the accessibility, affordability and quality of healthcare services for all residents.”.